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Our community garden consists of a fruit orchard and raised garden plots of varying sizes. The orchard contains apples, pears, plums, figs, and a variety of citrus trees. Many different kinds of vegetables are grown in the garden’s 41 raised beds, four of which are wheelchair accessible. There is also an area we call The Sacred Space that contains flowers, fountains, and a number of benches where one can spend a quiet moment in meditation or prayer. The entire garden is irrigated with drip tubing that is centrally controlled, and a significant portion of the garden is lighted, enabling gardeners to work after dark. Also, there are several electrical outlets available that enable the use of power equipment.

Mission Statement

The Preston Street Community Garden will be a bountiful source of locally grown, wholesome, and nutritious fruit, herbs, and vegetables for we who till this soil and for us to share with our neighbors in need. In addition to food production, the garden will be an educational resource providing the community with first-hand knowledge and experience in raising, harvesting, and preparing the fruit and vegetables grown here. We view this garden as God’s creation. Accordingly, every spade of earth turned and every fruit and vegetable produced is to the glory of God.

Objective for the fall growing season
– Offer gardening opportunities to a number of North Richmond residents
– Replace unproductive fruit and citrus trees
– Increase the amount of produce given to Helping Hands and the Women’s’ Center

Requirements to achieve objectives
– Identify less than productive garden plots; reclaim and rehabilitate them for new gardeners
– Approach community pastors with gardener opportunities
– Prepare community garden plots for fall planting and select crops to be planted
– Select and purchase trees to replace those that died


  • July 31…Garden plot rehabilitation
  • August 1…Communicate with area pastors
  • September 1…Vacant individual beds cleaned and rehabilitated
  • September 1…Introduce new gardeners to the garden and the community family
  • September 1…Community production beds cleaned and rehabilitated
  • September 15…Be ready to plant fall crops
  • TBA…Select and purchase replacement fruit trees